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Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Bus Duct manufacturers produce a wide range of components to distribute power throughout the manufacturing floor. But, not every situation can be accomplished with the items in the catalog. There may not be a catalog if the bus duct system is obsolete.

This is where Legacy Industrial Electric LLC comes in. Our experience and approach can save time and money, not to mention headache.


    We have customized hundreds of bus duct components. Our jobs have included:
  • Specific tap box configurations, including neck placement and lug configuration. See Figure 1. 
  • Custom lengths for duct sections, elbows, and offsets. See Figure 2.
  • Obsolete bus duct systems. See Figure 3.

Figure 1: Custom Built Armor Clad Tap Box


Figure 2: Custom Built Offset for Westinghouse Busway  

Figure 3: Custom Built Square D I Line I 1000 Amp Busway


We are purposefully methodical in our approach to building custom bus duct pieces. We ask lots of questions to understand the objective, constraints, and environment.

Everything is tested and backed with our warranty.

Our goal is to help you achieve a smooth install. Please give us a call at 248-619-9710 to talk about your customization needs, or complete our simple form to request a quote. 

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