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Square D Bus Plugs

Square D Bus Plugs

We stock and supply quality reconditioned bus plugs for Square D’s I-Line busway and the obsolete Square D SD bus duct. All Legacy bus plugs are inspected, reconditioned, and tested. Please contact us with any questions at 248-619-9710.

We support two Square D busway series, I-Line and the obsolete SD series.

I-Line Busway and Plugs

Square D’s I-Line busway is the series currently available from Square D. The I-Line series currently has two “versions” (our word), I-Line I and I-Line II. I-Line busway is used for 225 amps to 600 amps. At 800 amps I-Line bus duct switches to the I-Line II.

The I-Line bus plugs will plug onto any of the I-Line bus duct, I-Line I or I-Line II. There are a few different versions of the I-Line bus plugs, as Square D has made modifications over the years. All of the versions will plug into the the I-Line bus duct.

    The I-Line Bus Plugs are differentiated by the connection to the busway.
  • PQ Bus Plugs, 30 amp to 200 amp use a simple stab connection.
  • PBQ Bus Plugs have a bolt-on stab configuration.
  • PTQ Bus Plugs use a “joint stack” configuration to bolt onto the duct and isolate each phase.

Additionally, I-Line bus plugs are available with a circuit breaker for the over-current production, as opposed to fuses.

SD Busway and Plugs

The SD busway has been obsolete for decades, but we still stock and supply bus plugs for it. We stock fusible and breaker style bus plugs for the SD series busway.

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