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Bus Plugs

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Quality reconditioned and surplus bus plugs for all major manufacturers and busway series, including obsolete. All bus plugs are reconditioned with care and tested prior to shipment. A one-year warranty and no-hassle return policy make Legacy bus plugs an excellent value.

Quality Reconditioned Bus Plugs

At Legacy, we are dedicated to selling quality reconditioned bus plugs. Our reconditioning reliably produces a quality bus plug that is fit to go back into service. And, we are always looking to improve.

We are willing to stand behind our bus plugs with a warranty and a generous return policy. If you are not confident in our bus plug, return it for a refund.

Fast Shipping

We stock common bus plugs for the most common bus duct series. We are not limited to the current bus duct series. We hold stock on older series that the original manufacturers have made obsolete. The original manufacturers decision to end support for a busway series does not mean that your system cannot last for years, maybe decades to come.

Cost Savings

And, one of the benefits of choosing reconditioned bus plugs is the cost savings compared with ordering a new bus plug.

Customer Service

Please contact us at 248-619-9710 with any questions you may have regarding reconditioned bus plugs, or complete a simple quote request online, and we'll get back to you quickly. 

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