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Square D Busway

Square D Busway

Reconditioned Square D Bus Duct and Legacy Quality

You want the durability and track record of a Square D I-Line bus duct system. A Legacy reconditioned Square D I-Line series busway reduces the initial install cost. Shortens the time from order to install. And is refurbished with Legacy’s attention to quality.

You have made a good choice searching out reconditioned Square D Bus Duct. Square D’s I-Line busway has been in production for decades. It is a durable and proven bus duct that can be found from small machine shops to automotive plants. It is widely installed throughout the United States.

At Legacy we primarily stock the current I-Line series.

Originally, the I-Line I series encompassed all amperages (225 Amps and up). Currently, the series is split between the I Line I series, for 225, 400, and 600 amps, and the I Line II series, for 800 amps and above. If you have an older I-Line I system (above 600 amp), please contact our busway system experts at 248-619-9710 to discuss your specific needs.

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Bus Plugs for I-Line Busway

We stock reconditioned bus plugs for Square D's I-Line bus duct.

Obsolete SD Series Bus Duct

Prior to introducing the I-Line series, Square D manufactured the SD series bus duct. There is not much of this busway still installed and functioning in the United States.

We continue to stock and sell bus plugs for the SD, fusible and breaker-style.

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