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Legacy Custom Spectra Up-Down Elbows

Monday, January 28, 2019

Legacy Custom Spectra Up-Down Elbows

A customer recently required a pair of custom Spectra up-down elbows from Legacy to raise their busway runs.

The above image shows the two custom elbows, one for a 1000 amp Spectra SB busway run and one for a 2000 amp Spectra busway run. The custom elbows are on the top and bottom.

The two inner elbows are standard GE catalog Spectra SB elbows. The wider unit is the 2000 amp.

The Spectra SB Busway runs were both copper bus bar, and 4 wire (with neutral).

The Up-Down elbows turn up or turn down depending on their orientation for a busway system that is hung parallel to the floor, allowing bus plugs to plug in to the ports on the side of the busway.

A common application for an Up-Down elbow is rising out of the distribution feeding power to the busway and the elbow turning the busway run parallel to the floor.

In this case the customer needed to raise the height of the busway 36 inches. They accomplished this with a standard elbow and a custom Legacy elbow, one for the 1000 amp bus duct and on for the 2000 amp bus duct.

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