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Siemens Bull Dog Center Tap Box

Saturday, March 2, 2019

 Siemens Bull Dog Center Tap Box
Siemens BD CTB308 Tap Box, ISO

For a recent BD series bus duct order the job required a center tap box to supply power to the busway. A center tap box is a convenient way to supply power to the middle of the busway run, as opposed to the standard end cable tap box which is attached to the start of the busway run.

We use BD and its older name “Bull Dog” interchangeably. And, let’s be honest, “Bull Dog” sounds cooler than “BD”.

Siemens’ BD series takes a different approach to the center cable tap box. Many of the busway series center cable tap boxes attach to the busway at a joint between two sections. Other busway series plug into a plug-in port where a bus plug would normally be installed.

Siemens BD CTB308 Tap Box, front

But, the Siemens BD series center tap box replaces a standard 10 foot section of bus duct. The section has an accessible enclosure in the middle on the same side as the bus plugs. Inside the enclosure are jumpers and the three phases with mechanical lugs. The images show the enclosure on the top of the busway section, but we photographed the bus section on its side. When installed the enclosure with the jumpers would be sticking out the side.

The section has eight plug-ins, four on each side, for bus plugs. The bus plugs would hang along the same side (or opposite side) of the accessible enclosure.

This customer order was for BD series 800 amp, copper busway, BDP308. The center tap box that matches up with this series is the CTB308.

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