We specialize in reconditioned bus duct systems. An important part of the bus duct system is the bus plug, which provides the connection between the equipment and the electrical power running in the bus bars inside the busway system.

One question we often hear from potential customers is how will the bus plug look? This is a fair question, given we specialize in bus plugs which have previously been powered, removed from service, and reconditioned.

If you need more information on bus plugs in general, we have a Bus Plug Buying Guide to check out.

A quick answer to how a Legacy reconditioned bus plus will look when it arrives can be see on our website. The bus plug images on our website are bus plugs we have reconditioned. The images are not factory stock images. The bus plug received should look similar (bus plugs may look different based on the year they were manufactured). Our reconditioning process consistently produces a good product.


We strive for a good experience every time a bus plug is shipped. As part of the experience we want the bus plugs to look good. We want to show the work we put into reconditioning the bus plugs. And, our customer to have confidence our reconditioned bus plugs are ready for service.

Our Bus Plugs Look Good


Our reconditioning process consistently produces great looking bus plugs. As part of our process every bus plug is disassembled and its components are checked. Any components which are deemed to be no good are replaced. We have a long list of check points, but an example of a component are the mechanical lugs. Often the lugs have stripped, or a lug screw has been lost. In our process the lugs are checked, and if they are seized, missing a lug screw, or stripped, they are replaced.

Our bus plugs are normally painted with an industrial paint as part of the reconditioning process to protect the enclosure in the new environment. We cover any holes that have been punched through the enclosure with after-market knock outs.  We make sure the bus plugs catalog number is clearly labeled so the bus plug can be identified without having to be opened up.


Bus Plug Testing

Prior to shipping our bus plugs are mechanically and electrically checked. The bus plugs should not only look good, but need to properly function. The doors should shut. The latches should latch. The safety mechanisms should safety-mechanize.

What About Issues?

Ok. We work with products which were in use prior. They have been shipped around. Stuff happens. And, as much as we want, rarely, one may not be up to snuff. If that happens we stand behind our work. A full refund is available if the bus plug isn't right. And, we warranty our bus plugs for replacement for a year.