A customer recently asked us about a requirement for a short section of Square D I-Line busway. Short meant 25 inches. That is not a section length that can be found in the Square D catalog.

Side note:
A standard section of bus duct is 10 feet. Most manufacturers offer bus duct in 2 foot sections on their current busway series. 

The 25 inch section the customer required was for their run of APH2516G I-Line II bus duct. The required custom length specifications are aluminum bus bar, 1600 amp, 4 wire (with neutral), and ground. The customer’s run is also the high-interrupting busway offered by Square D, noted by the “H” in the catalog number. This high-interrupting is 100,000 AIC compared to the the standard AIC.

The above image is the custom length section as it is nearing completion. Prior to shipping the joint stack (the parts in the front and right side of section) will be assembled and connected, and the inspection covers (on the left) will be assembled onto the section.

The busway section will be tested and then it is out the door.

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