A few weeks ago we posted a brief writeup and photos of Siemens U330AVPG (aluminum, 3000 amp, 3-wire, plug-in) bus duct that we repaired.

Seems that June was Siemens XL-U month.  We also customized a couple of sections of Siemens U320AVPG (aluminum, 2000 amp, 3 wire, plug-in) bus duct, which is pictured above.

These two sections were shortened to 96-inches (eight foot) and 72-inches (six foot) respectively.

Siemens U320AVPG custom bus duct, joint end Siemens U320AVPG custom bus duct, end

We shipped the 2000-amp bus duct with the inspection covers and joint stack installed.  These sections are ready to be added to the line of existing bus duct.


The UV bus plugs attach to the Siemens XL-U busway through the plug-in ports.