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Westinghouse Lifeline Bus Duct ST5064

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Westinghouse Lifeline Bus Duct ST5064

A customer was looking to expand their current bus duct system. They wanted to install a new run in the plant. They would run pipe and wire to the plug­in style tap box. Adding on to the existing Lifeline bus duct would allow the plant to use their existing TAP style bus plugs.

The plant had older Westinghouse Lifeline series bus duct. This bus duct was first introduced in 1945 by Westinghouse, later acquired by Cutler Hammer, and then Eaton. Eaton continues to offer the TAP style bus plugs.

The installed Westinghouse Lifeline bus duct was copper, 600-­amp, 4-­wire (with neutral). We did a complete recondition on the duct before testing and sending to the customer.  The copper bus bar has the look of copper, not that new fangled fancy tin or silver flashed bus bar. Westinghouse ST5064 busway ends

We were able to locate used Westinghouse busway for the customer.  We brought it into our facility and fully reconditioned the busway before shipping.

Westinghouse 600 amp Busway

The picture above shows the bus duct in the position that it would normally hang, with the TAP ­style bus plugs on the side. The bus plugs plug into the duct through the port hole covers on each side.

Westinghouse TAP Bus Plugs

Westinghouse TAP363 Bus Plug, front Westinghouse TAP363 Bus Plug, back

The front and back of a TAP series bus plug is pictured. This is the bus plug that plugs into the Lifeline busway.

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