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Siemens BOS14354 Repair

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Siemens BOS14354 Repair



We repaired a customer’s damaged 200-amp Siemens BOS bus plug. 


The customer sent us their damaged 200-amp Siemens BOS bus plug, BOS14354.  This bus plug is for use on Siemens classic BD (Bull Dog) style bus duct.  Two stabs that attach the bus plug to the bus duct were burned.  We see this type of damage regularly.


We inspected the bus plug when we received it. The stabs on the bus plug were clearly damaged, along with the stab covers that insulate the phases.  We checked the copper within the bus plug for damage.  More damage was found within the bus plug.  



We replaced the damaged stabs and stab covers.  We replaced the internal damaged copper.  We reconditioned the bus plug.  The bus plug tested good prior to shipping.



We were able to repair and recondition this damaged BOS14354, 200-amp bus plug.  We were able to save the customer the expense of replacing the damaged bus plug.  The bus plug should provide service for years to come.


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