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New Legacy Home

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Legacy Home

While most people were taking a well deserved rest over the holiday, we were busy moving to our new home. We did not move far. We are a couple of miles up the road in our new city of Troy, Michigan. We are roughly 14 miles north of the Detroit.

Our New Location:

Legacy Industrial Electric LLC

301 Park Street

Troy, Michigan 48083

Why Move?

We had two reasons that drove us to seek out a new home. One was that our space in Madison Heights, Michigan was, ummm, “not the best”. It was cold in the Detroit winter and had more than a few roof leaks. It was great space for us when we moved in. We needed the square footage.

Continual Improvement

The second reason is that we strive to continually improve how we serve our customers. Our new location is larger, and the increased square footage will allow us to add more manufacturing. We are installing a full paint system to speed up and improve our painting capability. We have space and power to add more machining. We are looking to decrease the delivery time of repairs and custom builds in the future.

More square footage increases the space we have to move and store inventory, especially bus duct. Higher ceilings increase the amount of inventory we can get off the floor.


Of course, in the early going we are disorganized. Everything feels to be in chaos. We have our work cut out for us to setup the operation the way we want it.

The pain and expense of moving our operation is going to be worth it when we are able to deliver our reconditioned bus plugs and busway systems faster and better.

Legacy Industrial Electric LLC

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