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GE FVK365R Bus Plug Skidded

Sunday, November 13, 2016

GE FVK365R Bus Plug Skidded

A few images of a GE FVK series 400-amp bus plug. This bus plug has been reconditioned and tested. All that is left is for it to be banded to the skid and picked up by the freight company for delivery to the customer.

This bus plug is for GE's obsolete FVK series plug-in bus duct.

The FVK series is one of GE's older series of busway. The large handle on the front and side of this 400-amp FVK pictured above shows that it is an older model. During our reconditioning process the plug was dis-assembled and all of the components were checked. And, the bus plug is tested prior to shipment.

GE FVK365R Bus Plug Skidded - back

In the above picture of the back of the FVK365R bus plug the four hangers are all present and accounted for.  And, the black insulators covering the stabs are all intact.  Missing hangers and cracked insulator covers are one of the problems with purchasing FVK plugs on the second-hand market.

This fusible unit is max rated for 600-volts, 400-amps, and does not have a stab to connect to a neutral bar (3-wire). We stock the 400-amp FVK for 240-volt, and with a fourth stab (4-wire) for a FVK bus duct system that has a neutral.

Often, customers ask us to box up the ship the bus plug ship UPS. But, with the size and weight (over 100 pounds / 45 kg) of this 400-amp bus plug, it has to ship on a skid by freight carrier.

GE FVK 400-amp Bus Plugs Available in our store.

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