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Armor Clad Tap Box Repaired Quick

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Armor Clad Tap Box Repaired Quick


We recently completed a fast repair of an End Cable Tap Box for GE’s Armor Clad series bus duct. The circuit breaker tripping saved the tap box from impending doom.

We grabbed a few photos as the repair was nearing completion.


We were contacted to repair an end cable tap box for GE’s Armor Clad series busway after the busway system had shutdown. A circuit breaker had tripped, and could not be reset. The electricians isolated the failure to the GE Tap Box.

This tap box did not experience an arc flash event due to the tripped circuit breaker. The circuit breaker protected this system by preventing a more costly repair had this unit had an arc-flash event. This tap box is rated for 2000 amps. An arc flash would most likely have caused significant damage to the tap box, and maybe to the connected section of bus duct.

Unfortunately, we did not grab any “before” pictures of the tap box.

Repaired Tap Box Slot End

The above picture was taken as we were preparing to skid the tap box. One of the features of the Armor Clad bus duct is that is was manufactured with two different end connections. Some was manufactured with a ‘joint stack’, a connector piece that sits between busway sections. Earlier Armor Clad bus duct is joined with a bolt and slot connection. The above tap box is an example of the ‘slot’ side connection.

Picture of the inside of the tap box.

This unit is aluminum bus bar in a four wire configuration with a neutral. The lugs have been removed in the repair process. The lugs will be replaced with new 600 MCM mechanical lugs prior to testing and shipping.

All of the internal components have been checked. Any of the components that were showing signs of wear have been replaced. The bus bar insulation was replaced.

The tap box was tested and return shipped to the customer to be placed back into service.

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