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Repair P4HA30SL10 GE Spectra Bus Duct


Legacy Industrial Electric LLC was contacted to repair two sections of damaged 3000-amp GE Spectra SB bus duct. Each duct section had been damaged at one of the port holes where a bus plug was attached. The damaged bus duct was repaired and after reconditioning and testing was returned to service.


The customer contacted Legacy to repair two sections of burned GE Spectra SB Bus Duct. The bus duct was Catalog Number P4HA30SLI10, 4-wire, 3000-amp, plug-in with aluminum bus bar. This bus duct is arranged in parallel (two sections side-by-side, and joined). The sections were plug-in style to allow access for bus plugs.

burned GE P4HA30SLI10 bus duct damaged GE P4HA30SLI10 bus duct

The Damage

The bus duct arrived at Legacy Industrial Electric LLC in rough condition. The two sections had been blackened from an arc flash. All of the phases, including the neutral, had been damaged. Each section had a burned port hole (which allow access for bus plugs). The tabs where a bus plug had been attached to the duct had been burned away. Holes had been burned through the housing.

received GE P4HA30SLI10 bus duct

damaged bus plug tabs damaged bus plug tabs


The bus duct sections were completely disassembled.

One of the challenges with working on GE’s Spectra bus duct is the coating used to insulate the phases. Each bus bar is coated with an epoxy coating. GE’s Spectra Bus Duct is a sandwich style design, where the bars are stacked one on the other. the image below illustrates the sandwich configuration and the tabs that the bus plugs grab onto. Each bus bar must be checked for damage along its entire length. We take special care when handling the Spectra duct to minimize any damage to the bus bar coating.

GE P4HA30SLI10 bus bar

The sections of bus duct where the bus plug tabs had been burned off had to be replaced. The bus bar insulation had to be restored and the bus bar coating re-checked prior to re-assembly.

The bus bars were tested during the assembly process and after the complete unit was assembled.

The housing was repaired where holes had been burned through it.


Images of the repaired Spectra GE bus duct are below. The bus duct had been repaired, reconditioned, reassembled, and tested. It was shipped back to the customer ready to be returned to service.

One side of repaired GE P4HA30SLI10 Repaired GE P4HA30SLI10

Repaired end GE P4HA30SLI10

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