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Repair Square D 2500-amp Bus Duct Elbow


The customer contacted us to repair their damaged Square D bus duct elbow. The Square D 2500-amp elbow had a hole blown through the housing and the bus bar had been melted.


The elbow was part of 2500-amp, 3-wire, copper bus duct run. This elbow would commonly be used to turn the bus duct either up or down, on a run where the bus plugs are hanging on the side of the duct. The 2500-amp I-Line II series bus duct is a sandwich bus where the bus bars lay flat against each other with insulation separating the phases. The bus duct is designed in a paired phase configuration, where each phase is two bus bars connected in parallel.

The images show a hole created by the electrical discharge when the phases shorted out. The cause of the short was water finding its way into the elbow. The copper bus bar had been incinerated, and a hole had been blown through the elbow housing.

Damaged Square D Elbow, CF2325GLEM11 Damaged Square D Elbow, CF2325GLEM11


We replaced the burned copper bus bar with new bus bar, making sure to check and double-check the bus bar insulation, which is going to keep the phases separate.

On this job, we lucked out that the top and bottom of the housing was in good shape. We removed all the paint and burn damage from the top and bottom pieces. After repaint, the pieces were ready for re-assembly.

We formed new metal housing for the inside and outer side of the housing, including the rods that secure the housing.


The images below show the results of the repair work.

Repaired Square D Elbow, CF2325GLEM11 Repaired Square D Elbow, CF2325GLEM11

After testing the repaired bus duct elbow, it was ready for shipment back to the customer and installation.

The customer did not supply the joint stack that attaches the elbow to the existing bus duct. Our preference would have been to get the joint stack so that we could check it for damage. We usually return the elbow with all the parts ready for reinstallation.

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