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Westinghouse Center Tap Box Build

Westinghouse Pow-R Way Custom Center Tap Box



Legacy Industrial Electric LLC was asked to build a custom center tap box for a Westinghouse Pow-R Way bus duct run. The busway run was being moved and power needed to be supplied in the middle of the run. The customer required the tap box be installed close to the the wall to minimize the cost of moving the bus duct.


The customer was relocating a bus duct run within a manufacturing facility. They contacted Legacy Industrial Electric LLC because they needed to supply power in the middle of the run, as opposed to the more common method of supplying at one end of the busway run. The tap box needed to line up with the existing bus duct and with the incoming power. The existing busway run was 11 inches from the center of the duct to the wall; not much room for a larger tap box.

The bus duct installed in the plant was Westinghouse Pow-R Way. The Pow-R Way series bus duct is an older series of bus duct. (The current bus duct series is Eaton/Cutler Hammer Pow-R Way III). The bus duct was copper, 2000-amp, 3-wire duct.

The customer required each phase to have five 600MCM lugs and four 250MCM lugs to attach the ground.

Finding a Solution

The first thing we did is have the customer supply a hand drawing of how they envision the solution and any critical dimensions. In this case, the customer supplied a drawing of the enclosure and how close the box was to the wall. They noted out how much wire space was needed and the incoming power.

Customer Drawing of the Tap Box Setup


Westinghouse Pow-R Way bus duct is a bolt and slot configuration. One end of the duct is a slot and the other end is a bolt. We need to understand which end the tap box was going to need to match. If the busway ended in a bolt, as was the case, the tap box would need to attach with a slot end. One of the pieces of wisdom we have gained over the years is to double check as much as we can. Some customers are annoyed by the extra time this takes, but nothing is worse than having an item that does not fit after the plant has shut the plant down on a Saturday.

After we had gone back and forth with the customer, we returned a dimensioanl drawing to them to make sure that we were on the same page. Often when we do the drawing, or the customer sees the drawing problems become evident. Again, it is better to solve the problems in the design phase than with the electrical crew standing around on a Saturday.

Legacy Westinghouse Center Tap Box Drawing

The bottom image shows the slot end of the tap box. It will need to match the bolt end of the existing duct.

The customer had extra sections from moving the bus duct. They supplied a short section.

Pow-R Way bus duct

The duct is in good shape after years of use. The grease and dirt that has accumulated on the top side of the bus duct is not uncommon. The customer supplied all the parts of the bus duct, which is our preference. The side facing the camera has the inspection covers still on the duct. Our preference is to have all the parts, so that the tap box will have all its hardware and is ready to be installed.

Once we had the duct, we began work.

Westinghouse Pow-R Way bus duct in work

Westinghouse Pow-R Way bus duct ends in work



We were able to meet the customer's requirements. The tap box was tested and shipped to the customer for installation. We warranty the tap box It is gratifying to be able to take the customer's drawing and create a solution that helps solve the problem. The tap box is installed and should perform for years to come.

Completed Westinghouse Pow-R Way Center Tap Box

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