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Armor Clad Tap Box Build


Legacy was contacted to build a custom tap box to attach to an existing line of Armor Clad bus duct. The problem was that the bus duct was nestled up in the corner of the ceiling and the wall. An Armor Clad tap box from the GE catalog was not going to work.

Custom Armor Clad Tap Box

The Problem

The customer was removing a section of GE Armor Clad bus duct. The original bus duct was positioned about 4 inches from the wall and 2.5 inches from the ceiling. The bus duct ran along the ceiling, turned through a wall, and then continued upwards. The customer wanted to add tap boxes to the ends of each bus duct left open by the removed sections. Standard tap boxes would not fit in the tight space.

Our Proposed Solution

We proposed to fabricate two tap boxes with offset necks. One was offset to the corner of the box, so the tap box would fit into the spacing between the wall and the ceiling. The second tap box had the neck offset to one edge of the tap box.


For a customized build we make every attempt to ensure that the solution is going to meet the requirements. While most customers are in a hurry, it does not help if the items do not fit when they reach the job site.

The customer supplied photos of the existing bus duct. We always want to correctly identify the bus duct and the shape that it is in. The customer supplied hand drawings. They were not fancy, but the drawings help us see what the customer is thinking. When customers draw their vision of the solution, they may include details that they had not thought to mention.

Customer pictures of existing Armor Clad bus duct Customer drawing of Armor Clad bus duct

We returned a computerized drawing to the customer. The customer could see how we envisioned the solution. Often, the customer will come back with a couple of questions, or changes. Our goal is to be on the same page with the customer. We want them to see what the build will look like and how it will fit in their space.
Legacy mechanical drawing of Armor Clad tap box


We delivered a pair of customized Armor Clad Tap Boxes. The images below show how the tap box neck was offset to one corner of the box to allow for the tap box to be installed in the corner of the ceiling and wall.

Custom Armor Clad tap box Custom Armor Clad tap box

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