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About Legacy Industrial Electric LLC


You get the benefit of our “hands-on” experience. We find the items, recondition them, test them, and warranty them. You get the reduced cost of reconditioned. Facility expenses go down.

Our capability is not limited to reconditioning. We repair bus duct and bus plugs, as well. We customize bus duct sections, tap boxes, elbows, and more to demanding specifications.

When we say “hands-on”, we mean it.

Picture Proof

You need proof. You are not alone. We often get questions of what will the product look like? All of the pictures on our website are products that we have reconditioned. We don’t post factory stock photos. We want you to see the quality of our work.

We advise to never install an electrical component that doesn’t have your full confidence. That is why any standard product can be returned, no questions asked.

But, maybe you do have questions.

When you contact Legacy, a real, live person answers the phone. You can ask questions. They may ask questions. We want the item that arrives to be install-ready.

Who Do You Want To Do Business With?

We are building Legacy Industrial Electric LLC to be the company that we want to do business with. We want to be the supplier that you can rely on when you need bus duct components.

  • You want to talk to a person, not endless lists of menus.
  • You want to place your order and not have to worry, if it is going to show up.
  • You want to know any problems, before your order arrives.
  • You want a company that cares about your success.

What can we do for you?

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